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A Pet Encyclopedia?

PetCyclopedia.com's aim is to blend the joy of pet ownership with an informative yet easy to navigate user interface meant to enrich the lives of owners and their pets. If properly cared for animals can be an endless supply of comfort, support, and entertainment, while at the same time teaching adults and children the responsibilities of caring for another living creature.

From fish to bugs from dogs to cats and everything in between, our goal is to create a vast and ever growing knowledge repository to lend a "digital hand". Launched in July of 2013 this project is just getting started.

Help us create a better world today by spreading the word. Please share and like us. If you are interested in sharing your stories, pictures, knowledge, or time please use the contact form to do so.

How you can help, and why you should

This site is not a money making venture, as you might notice there are no advertisements to be seen. This project is dedicated to pets and their humans.

This site will also be the launching point for another more important pet software that will assist animal shelters in showcasing and adopting out their animals. This software will also be 100% free.

The best way to help is by spreading the word. Use any outlet you have be it facebook, email, or website to help tell others about PetCyclopedia.com

Only with your help can we make this a world class website! Thank you!