Basic Cat Care for Kids


Cats are generally independent and low-maintenance animals. For this reason, they are a good choice for active families and individuals that don't have a lot of time to spare. However, as low-maintenance as they are, cats still need to be cared for. There are several cat-related tasks that your child can help out with. This will help teach them responsibility and can even help them bond with the family cat.


This is one of the easiest tasks for a child to do, especially if you feed your cat dry food. Instruct your child on proper feeding procedures for your kitty and help them keep track of what time your cat needs to eat. Even smaller children can scoop out dry food. Older children can open canned cat food and replace your kitty's water with fresh water.

Litter Box

This is a chore that most older children can take care of. Your cat's litter box needs scooped at least once per day; many cat owners like to scoop up messes as soon as they are deposited. Show your child how to clean the litter box and dispose of waste. Make sure you teach your child proper hand-washing procedures after the task is complete.


Most cats are pretty self-sufficient in this area. It is very rare that you will ever have to give your cat a bath. Cats with short, smooth coats generally don't need to be brushed, but those with long fur can benefit from a regular brushing. Pick up a soft brush or grooming mitt that is designed with cats in mind and show your child how to gently groom your family cat. This will give your cat the attention she needs and lets your child be a part of the care of kitty.

Many cats can become temperamental when over-stimulated or when they feel like people are bothering them too much. Make sure you show your child how to recognize the warning signs so they don't accidentally get swatted with an angry cat paw. Letting your child help with cat-related chores will make them feel needed. You can also use these chores as part of their allowance system. Many parents pay their child a set rate each week for successful chore completion, while others pay their child per task completed. Whatever you do, make sure your child observes proper safety procedures and is respectful of your cat's need for its own personal space.

A Few Cat Breeds

Photo of exotic-shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

Type: Cat
Size: Medium
Activity Level: Medium
Coat: Long, Full
Temperment: Reserved

Photo of siamese


Type: Cat
Size: Medium
Activity Level: Medium
Coat: Short, Full
Temperment: Affectionate, Intelligent

Photo of bengal


Type: Cat
Size: Medium
Activity Level: High
Coat: Short
Temperment: Gentle, Active