Triggerfish Info and Facts

Triggerfish Info and Facts

Type: Fish
Size: 3 to 12 in
Lifespan: 15 to 22 years
Environment: Saltwater
Temperament: While they get along well with many species, they are territorial and aggressive towards other Trig

Information / Facts: Triggerfish are generally brightly colored and easily identified by their flat bodies, small pectoral fins, small eyes that are high on the head and their patters of spots and lines. They also have a row of spines that are spike-like. They do well in an aggressive-only tank with other non-related species.

Pros: Triggerfish are fast moving and a lot of fun to watch in the tank. They adapt well to tank life and eat just about anything offered as food. Additionally, they are one of the easiest to care for saltwater fish. Triggerfish make a great "first fish" for those who are new to keeping saltwater species.

Cons: Since they move around so much, they do require a larger tank than other similar-sized fish. They like plenty of rocks, plants and/or coral to hide in and under as they swim about the tank. Since they eat so many invertebrates and crustaceans, they are not suitable to keep in a live rock tank that has these present.

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