Ghost Shrimp | Info and Facts | Not Really Ghost

Ghost Shrimp | Info and Facts | Not Really Ghost

Type: Fish
Size: .5 to 1.5
Lifespan: 1 to 1.5 years
Environment: Freshwater
Temperament: Aggressive towards same species

Information / Facts: The name "Ghost Shrimp" is very appropriate for these small invertebrates. Ghost shrimp are small, transparent shrimp that tend to walk on the bottom of the tank. They are very interesting to watch as you can actually see the food inside them when they eat. The species commonly known as ghost shrimp ARE from a freshwater environment, though there is a species of marine shrimp known as "White Shrimp" that are sometimes confused. Ghost Shrimp are often used as feed for predator fish, but can be a lot of fun to use as a cleaner in non-aggressive tanks.

Pros: Ghost shrimp are scavengers and help you keep your tank clean. They eat nearly any type of food, making it easy to keep them fed even if you have a number of other fish types in the same tank. Ghost shrimp are very easy to breed, so if you plan to raise a tank for feeders, you will find it is simple to get started. Finally, these shrimp are adaptable and do best in a tank temperature of 65 to 82 degrees, making them ideal for many unheated or heated tanks.

Cons: Despite the small size of the ghost shrimp, these creatures do need at least a gallon of tank space per shrimp to have enough room to move around properly. Additionally, if your tank is on the smaller side, even more may be necessary. Ghost shrimp like to hide, so they do best in a tank with plenty of places to move in and out of on the bottom of the tank.

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