Mantis Shrimp | Facts and Information

Mantis Shrimp | Facts and Information

Type: Fish
Size: 2 to 14 in
Lifespan: 5 to 7 years
Environment: Saltwater
Temperament: Aggressive

Information / Facts: Mantis shrimp as a type of marine animal actual encompass several different species, hence the large variation in size. These are marine invertebrates that prefer live food. They enjoy burrowing in sand and do well in a live rock tank. Mantis shrimp are best kept in a tank alone, unless the tank mates are meant to be a source of food. Mantis shrimp are aggressive even towards their own species.

Pros: Mantis shrimp are extremely resilient creatures and as such make a great choice for those who are interested in raising something more exotic, but are nervous about getting things "just right" in terms of water salinity and temperature. While there is a desired range, the shrimp can thrive even as you work to make them more comfortable. They are fascinating invertebrates and have a lifespan of up to seven years when kept in optimal conditions. Mantis shrimp are intelligent and very entertaining especially when compared to other similar creatures.

Cons: The larger mantis shrimp are quite dangerous and can do serious damage to other tank mates and your fingers if you are not careful. As such, mantis shrimp are not recommended for homes with children or curious pets. They have been known to break thin tanks, meaning that it pays to purchase a solid acrylic tank when raising mantis shrimp. The tank MUST have a well-fitting lid to ensure safety of the creature and your family. Additionally, these creatures need a deep sand base in which to burrow plus plenty of tank space, so it can be quite expensive to get started.

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