Gourami Information and Facts

Gourami Information and Facts

Type: Fish
Size: 2 to 8 in
Lifespan: 3 to 5 years
Environment: Freshwater
Temperament: Typically peaceful but may be aggressive towards fish with long fins

Information / Facts: This varies between subspecies and that variation can be extremely widespread. The typical gourami a hobbyist will put in an aquarium is a dwarf gourami since they stay reasonably small, although the life span for a dwarf gourami is only 3-4 years. They are typically found from Korea all the way through the Malay Archipelago and from Pakistan to India. Some gourami are actually large enough to be used as food sources in China and Indonesia where they may be found canned in grocery stores. They are readily compatible with many forms of aquarium life including mollies, silver dollars, some varieties of catfish and danios.

Pros: Will peacefully co-exist with many varieties of fish and, aside from keeping the water warm with a heater, are fairly easy to care for. They will eat either live foods or even prepared foods which can simplify the feeding process, depending on what other species you have in your tank.

Cons: Will NOT peacefully co-exist with fish with long, flowing fins like goldfish, bettas and guppies. They will show aggression and even kill these varieties of fish. They may also show aggression with smaller fish as well. Even adults and juveniles within the same species can show aggressive towards one another. Also, many varieties of gourami will grow extremely large and will not be suitable for the average aquarium.

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