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Pet stores are full of adorable puppies and kittens that are just waiting for you to buy them and take them home. However, most of these animals carry a high price tag. Not only that, many of these pets come from questionable backgrounds; a quick Internet search for "puppy mills" yields millions of results, and they aren't good results. Puppy mills operate all over the country, in our backyards and down the street. Puppy mills keep cats and dogs in deplorable conditions with little fresh food and water and in most cases, little to no veterinary care. Most of the time you won't know that a puppy or kitten you are buying is from a puppy mill. There are many reasons to pass the pet store and adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue. The following information may help you make the decision to adopt.

10 Good Reasons to Adopt a Pet

  • 1. Save a Pet in Need. When you adopt a cat or a dog from a rescue or shelter, you save the life of a pet that may have otherwise been put to sleep for the sheer lack of a safe, loving home.

  • Chiweenie
  • 2. Help Another Pet in Need. When you adopt a pet from a rescue or shelter, you not only save the life of the pet that you adopted, you make room for another needy pet to take its place. This means that you've saved multiple lives with one single adoption.

  • 3. Save an Older Pet. Most people buy or adopt kittens or puppies. However, most of the companion animals that are euthanized in this country each year are perfectly healthy and adoptable, with sweet, loving dispositions. By adopting, you can give one of these pets a second chance when they might have otherwise been overlooked.

  • 4. Get a Friend. When you adopt a pet, it benefits you, too. You get a lifelong friend that will always be there for you to lend a listening ear or a place to rest your hand after a hard day of work. Your pet will be the one friend that you can always count on, and will always want you around.

  • 5. Save Money. Buying a pet from a pet store is pricey. When you adopt a pet from a rescue or shelter, adoption fees are generally very inexpensive. In addition, most of these pets have already been fully vetted, to include spay or neuter surgery.

  • 6. Pure-Bred Pets Are in Shelters, Too. Many people who buy pets say they chose to buy because they wanted a pure-bred animal. However, there are many breed-specific rescues all over the country, and shelters are overflowing with pure-bred dogs and cats that have "papers."

  • 7. Mutts Rule. Mixed-breed dogs are less prone to some of the health problems that their pure-bred cousins deal with. These dogs can be stronger and more hardy than pure-bred dogs. The shelters are teeming with "mutts" and you can get a dog that meets all your needs.

  • Morkie
  • 8. One-Stop Shop. Again, when you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue, you get it all in one package. A fully-vetted dog that is ready to go, and most dogs come with a bag of food and a month or two of heartworm and flea and tick preventatives. All you have to do is go home and settle in together.

  • 9. Training. When you adopt a pet from a rescue, or adopt an older pet from a shelter or rescue, these guys are usually housebroken, plus many of them have been taught basic manners. This saves you time and gives you a solid foundation to build on together.

  • 10. As stated above, puppy mills can be cruel and inhumane places for pets, and most are not regulated by state or federal government. When you choose to adopt, you send a message to the irresponsible breeders that this behavior is not tolerated. Eventually, they will be put out of business.

  • Adopting a pet instead of buying a pet benefits you and the pet you adopt. It also has a ripple effect and helps other pets in need, and will help influence those around you to choose adoption. Adopt a pet today and help stop the cycle of pet over-population!