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Whether it was an accident or because you were planning to breed her, you now suspect that your dog is pregnant. So, what do you do? In most cases a visit to the vet will answer up any questions and help you determine the best course of action to take during your companion’s pregnancy.. Most veterinarians will encourage you to keep an eye on the dog throughout pregnancy and the puppies will be delivered at home. Therefore, your biggest concern now is how long until the puppies come? Learning more about the gestation period of dogs is important; it will help you have a better idea when to expect those puppies.

How long are dogs pregnant? Pregnant Dog (cc)

A typical dog pregnancy lasts between 60 and 64 days. You can expect the dog to carry the puppies inside of her for around nine weeks. However, not every canine pregnancy is the same. Some dogs deliver earlier than 60 days while others may carry them late.

One of the most difficult things is figuring out when the dog actually got pregnant so you can better estimate when to expect the delivery date. If it was an intentional impregnation, such as when you are breeding your dog, it will be easy. However, in other cases you may need to look for signs of pregnancy and attempt to put a timetable on things to make an educated guess

Signs of pregnancy

If there is a chance your dog may be pregnant, start looking for some of the more common signs of pregnancy. One of the most common signs is when nipples take on a more prominent appearance—they will turn a darker pink and grow larger. Your dog may also be more affectionate than usual, wanting attention from you and your family. At the same time, your dog may seem sluggish or tired. Most pregnant dogs do not want the same level of activity as they did before pregnancy. Weight gain is a another sign of pregnancy, though this tends to happen towards the end of the pregnancy. Much of the weight will be gained around the midsection. Finally, keep an eye open for nesting habits. Your dog could start finding a place where she will give birth—usually in a warm dark area.

When you suspect pregnancy in your canine companion, make sure and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. He or she will be able to give an exam to better determine the status of the pregnancy and give you some ideas on how best to proceed. A visit with the vet will help you prepare for the oncoming labor so that you can provide the best possible care for your dog and the puppies she is bringing into the world.