Maine Coon The American Longhair

Maine Coon The American Longhair

Type: Cat
Size: Large
Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
Activity Level: Medium
Coat: Long, Full
Temperament: Gentle, Affectionate, Intelligent

Information / Facts: The Maine Coon cat hails from the United States, and is recognized as the oldest breed of domestic cat. The Maine Coon is known for its very large size, huge fluffy coat and large bushy tail. The cat's fur and size were adaptations to help keep them warm and safe from the elements in harsh, snowy winters. The cat's most interesting feature might be its tail. The Maine Coon can curl its tail up to serve as a cushion when it sits down. This helps to keep the cat protected from the snow when it sits outside. The tail may also curl up over the body and face while the cat is sleeping to protect it from predators or harsh temperatures.

Pros: The Maine Coon cat is very affectionate and gentle. It can be a great companion for families with children, as it will love the children and play with them. The Maine Coon is also great for owners who live in colder climates, as this cat can go outside for short jaunts with little worry about it succumbing to the elements. Maine Coon cats are also very smart and very easy to train, making it a good companion for someone who doesn't have a large amount of time to spend on training. The Maine Coon is independent, so while it loves to cuddle, it won't want to be attached to your hip 24/7.

Cons: The Maine Coon cat is a very large cat and may not be the best choice for someone living in small spaces. Likewise, it may not be a wise choice for someone with limited mobility or limited ability to lift larger items. The Maine Coon has a life span of about 15 years, which is longer than most other breeds of cats.

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