Bengal Part Leopard?

Bengal Part Leopard?

Type: Cat
Size: Medium
Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
Activity Level: High
Coat: Short
Temperament: Gentle, Active

Information / Facts: The Bengal is a domestic breed of cat that has a very distinctive coat that resembles the coats of larger cats found in the wild, such as the leopard and tiger. This cat has stripes and mottled round spots on its coat, which leads to a more exotic appearance.

Pros: The Bengal is fairly easy to live with and is relatively low-maintenance. This cat is good for a variety of households, including those with elderly members. However, the Bengal may not be the best cat for families with small children. Many breeders recommend that the typical family adopt a Bengal cat that is at least four generations removed from the original "leopard cat" to cut down on the chance of any behavioral issues or issues with ill tempers.

Cons: The Bengal is relatively free of health problems. However, some cats of the breed are born with eye problems that can lead to blindness within the first year of life. It is important to speak to your vet and understand the issue before you take on a Bengal. Blind cats can live a full, happy life just like their sighted counterparts, but it can take a little extra training to help them learn what they need to know to get along in your home.

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