The Affectionate and Vocal Burmese

The Affectionate and Vocal Burmese

Type: Cat
Size: Small
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Activity Level: High
Coat: glossy
Temperament: Vocal, Affectionate, Clingy

Information / Facts: The Burmese cat hails from Thailand. The cat lived solely in Thailand until the eighteenth century invasion of Thailand. The Burmese cat is known for its gold or yellow eyes and short dense coat. There are many varieties of the Burmese cat, and many different accepted color combinations. This is a smaller breed of cat, and likes to interact with humans. The Burmese is very vocal and will entertain you with stories of its day and the happenings around your home if you have time to sit and listen. Burmese cats are easy to train and will even play fetch like a dog. The Burmese cat is very good with children as well, making them ideal pets for young families.

Pros: The Burmese requires very little in the way of grooming, thanks to its short coat. This cat is very low-maintenance and great for owners with active lifestyles. The Burmese is very affectionate and needs a lot of attention, so it is ideal for those who live alone and want a companion that they can spend their day with. Retired people find the Burmese cat especially appealing for this reason. The Burmese also has relatively few health issues when compared to other cats, so this is another benefit of the breed.

Cons: The Burmese is very affectionate and needs a lot of attention. This cat can be very clingy and generally requires a family that has someone that is home at all times to keep the cat company. The cat may become depressed and even destructive as a result of its loneliness. Some Burmese cats are born with a potassium definiciency, but this is easily handled through the regular use of dietary supplements that can be prescribed by your vet.

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