Chihuahua Facts and Information

Chihuahua Facts and Information

Type: Dog
Size: Small
Lifespan: 15 to 20 years
Activity Level: Low
Coat: Short, smooth or Long, Wavy
Temperament: Relaxed, Stubborn

Information / Facts: The Chihuahua is a small breed of dog that is believed to hail from Mexico. The origins of the dog are not clear, but some dog experts believe the Chihuahua may have been around during the time of the Mayans. This dog weighs about four to ten pounds when fully grown, and has a very long life span of around 15-20 years. Chihuahuas may have either a short coat or a long, fluffy coat. The Chihuahua comes in many colors, and may be found in both solid colors and mixed or mottled colors.

Pros: The Chihuahua is a great dog for the elderly or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. This breed of dog has a tendency to bond to a single person in the home, so they are great for people who live alone. Your Chihuahua will be content to curl up with you and read a book or watch your favorite movie. Chihuahuas don't need a lot of exercise. A slow, short walk each day may be nice, but many Chihuahuas are happy just to stay inside and bark a "hello" through the window at people and cats who pass by. Thanks to its small size, the Chihuahua is also popular among people who live in small spaces, such as apartments, condos and other dwellings that have no yard area to run in.

Cons: Chihuahuas tend to bond with a single owner, can be very temperamental and are mistrustful of strangers. It is possible for them to get over-stimulated when the house is full of visitors. This can cause your Chihuahua to snap, bark or show other signs of ill temper. If you have company or there will be small children around that may irritate your Chihuahua without knowing they are doing so, it may be best to keep your Chihuahua safe in a crate or tucked in a bedroom where they can have some peace. Chihuahuas are also prone to some health problems, due to their small size. Most Chihuahuas need veterinary intervention during the puppy birthing process. Chihuahuas are also susceptible to neurological disorders such as epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Chihuahuas may also have digestive issues and problems with low blood sugar, so it is important to monitor their diet and feed them properly.

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