The Even Tempered Beagle

The Even Tempered Beagle

Type: Dog
Size: Small to
Lifespan: 14 to 16 years
Activity Level: High
Coat: Short, smooth
Temperament: Friendly, social, vocal

Information / Facts: The Beagle hails from the hound family. This dog is known for its short, stocky legs and long, soft, floppy ears. While the Beagle does come in solid colors, the typical Beagle coat is tri-colored, with patches of black, brown and white. The "Lemon Beagle" is becoming increasingly popular; this Beagle has a white coat with tan or yellow patches. The Beagle is also known for its keen sense of smell, and is great at hunting and tracking. As a result, the Beagle is very prey-driven by nature, and will take off in pursuit of real or perceived prey when given the chance. Beagles are very smart and prone to very few health problems. Their small size makes them an ideal pet for families with small children, and even elderly individuals.

Pros: The Beagle is another great breed for those who want a dog that can accompany them on their adventures. Since they are not prone to health issues like some other dogs, this resilient breed is great for just about everyone. Like people, beagles have a wide variety of temperaments. You can find a Beagle that is full of energy and loves to accompany you on walks and treks in the forest. If you are more sedentary and relaxed, it's possible to find a relaxed Beagle that just likes to chill out in front of the fire or television set.

Cons: Most Beagles have to be occupied with something at all times. They were bred to be hard-working dogs, and like to feel like they have a job to do and a purpose. If they get bored or don't feel like they have enough to do, they will make up activities. Generally, Beagle-designed fun isn't a human's idea of fun, as it is usually destructive activity such as digging, running off or chewing. It's important to keep your Beagle mentally stimulated with dog-appropriate toys, and spend lots of time interacting with your Beagle. This will cut down on destructive behavior and keep everyone happy.

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