Golden Cocker Retriever = Golden Retriever + Cocker Spaniel

Golden Cocker Retriever = Golden Retriever + Cocker Spaniel

Type: Dog
Size: Medium
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Activity Level: High
Coat: Long, Wavy
Temperament: Highly Intelligent, Hard Working, Loyal

Information / Facts: A lot of designer mixed breed dogs are finding increasing popularity these days. One such "designer" dog breed is the Golden Cocker Retriever. This breed of dog is a Golden Retriever mixed with a Cocker Spaniel, either English or American. The Golden Cocker Retriever takes the best aspects of each dog and combines them into one package. The Golden Cocker Retriever will be around 50-60 pounds when full-grown. This dog will have a fluffy, long-haired coat. When you choose a Golden Cocker Retriever, you can expect a very intelligent dog that will do anything to please you. Since both breeds of dogs that make up the Golden Cocker Retriever were bred to hunt, your dog will be high-energy and full of life. This dog has a strong work ethic and wants to have a job to do all the time. If you don't assign tasks or train your dog to do something, they will find something themselves. This can be anything from watching over young children or other pets, to bringing you items such as clothing or even small animals they catch in the yard. It's a wise idea to keep your Golden Cocker Retriever engaged and well-exercised to keep them out of mischief.

Pros: The Golden Cocker Retriever is a great dog to have around a family. This dog will protect children and be a great playmate. The Golden Cocker Retriever definitely needs an owner with lots of energy and patience. Good training and obedience classes are also a must. This dog will has a life expectancy of around 15 years, so owners must be prepared to make a long commitment to this dog if they choose to adopt one.

Cons: This is a hardy, strong dog and isn't prone to many health problems. One issue with larger dogs is hip dysplasia. However, this is most common in pure-bred dogs, and cross-breeding usually lowers the instance of any of these types of issues.

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