Pictus Catfish Article

Pictus Catfish Article

Type: Fish
Size: 1 to 5 in
Lifespan: 4 to 8 years
Environment: Freshwater
Temperament: Peaceful

Information / Facts: The pimelodus pictu, better known as the pictus catfish is a freshwater catfish species commonly with a grey and black spotted body. These fish originated in South America, and in the wild they grow a bit larger than they do in an aquarium. Pictus catfish are omnivores and they can enjoy a varied diet of leftover flake food, live food and nutritive pellets. These fish prefer a warm-water tank kept at approximately 75 to 81 degrees. Ideally the tank will have dim light and be heavily planted

Pros: Pictus catfish can help your tank remain clean by eating flake food off the bottom of the tank. Overall, these fish are very easy to care for and do not require much in way of special care. This makes the pictus catfish a great choice for beginning fish keepers. They work well in a tank with cichlids and goldfish, some of the more common "beginner" fish. Finally, the Pictus catfish can be interesting to watch, and is often observed chasing its own reflection in the tank.

Cons: While not aggressive, per se, these fish will eat smaller tank mates if they easily fit in the mouth, so you must utilize care in choosing who to house with the pictus catfish. These fish have a serrated pectoral fin, so you must utilize care when moving them into or out of the tank for cleaning. This is an egg laying catfish and as such are very difficult to breed in an aquarium setting. Pictus catfish do better in a larger tank, and a minimum of 70 gallon tank is recommended.

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